In-store shopping OPEN 9AM-9PM until 03/29 9pm, instore shopping suspended from 03/30

Welcome to Apna Bazar Farmers Market Delaware

Welcome to Apna Bazar Farmers Market Delaware

Welcome to Apna Bazar Farmers Market DelawareWelcome to Apna Bazar Farmers Market DelawareWelcome to Apna Bazar Farmers Market Delaware

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Order via email, Pick up & Pay at Store curbside from 03/30


How to order

  1.  Please send an email to with your Name, Phone number and Member ID (if available) and the list of items.
  2. Try to specify the brand and quantity. If not, then we will pick as per our judgement and item’s availability.
  3. We will update the order, prepare the bill and email & call you for curbside pickup. We will try to be as quick as possible.


  • Curb side pickup is only for weekdays starting 03/30 - Monday to Friday. Order received on Friday will be most likely ready by end of day if not we will try to make it ready only on Monday or Tuesday. Follow ups or acknowledgment is currently not possible due to overwhelming response of ordering, so please wait for our call or email. If it is urgent for you then we request to stop by in person in store & do shopping and send a order cancellation email.
  • We also appreciate your kindness in respecting our employees effort and dedication to support you. Please be mindful and help us clean your cart by trashing your gloves, cleaning wipes, left over bags in trash can after you are done shopping.
  • Returning cart to cart stand or near store entrance will help us provide quick service to you on your return.

How to pay

  1. Pay by cash from your car
  2. Pay by personal check from your car

About Us


Our History

Stress-Free Returns

Our History

 Apna Bazar means “Our own Market”.  

Since we opened first store in Jackson Heights, New York in 1995, we have taken immense pride in committing and delivering to our customers. As we keep opening new Apna Bazar stores, our extended family keeps growing as well. This store is a promising step for us to service people in this area to their utmost satisfaction. 



Stress-Free Returns

Our History

 Apna Bazar is run by hard working people, just like you and they need all your help and support. Shop organic produce, fresh dairy and other grocery items without making your wallet sweat!  


Stress-Free Returns

Stress-Free Returns

Stress-Free Returns

If you see any problem with the quality of product, Please bring your paper receipt and the product back and we will happily give you refund or store credit as appropriate.

Apna Bazar Farmers Market Delaware

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Apna Bazar Farmers Market

1307 Churchmans Road, Newark, Delaware 19713, United States

Opposite to Christiana Hospital, Next to Home Depot Phone: +1 302 294 6112 Fax: +1 302 294 6175 Email: